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Valvoline Motor Oils Covered by The Valvoline Limited Engine Parts Warranty

500,000 KM Engine Warranty - Covered Products

  • Provides Valvoline's best protection against heat, deposits and wear
  • Extra detergents provide maximum sludge and deposit protection
  • Special additives protect against friction and wear

360,000 KM Engine Warranty - Covered Products

  • Synthetic blend for higher mileage vehicles
  • Fights the 4 major causes of engine breakdown - leaks, deposits, sludge and friction
  • Seal conditioners prevent oil leaks
  • Delivers added protection for stop-and-go driving and short trips
  • Premium blend of synthetic and conventional oils
  • Advanced additives provide added protection

240,000 KM Engine Warranty - Covered Products

Premium Conventional
  • Formulated with advanced additive technology for high performance and an enhanced engine life.
  • Exceeds all American Petroleum Industry (API) specifications
  • Meets or exceeds the specifications of most vehicle manufacturers