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ENROLLING IS EASY! Start by Selecting Your Level of Warranty Coverage:
Use Valvoline's SynPower Full Synthetic

Valvoline's Full Synthetic motor oils provide superior protection against heat, deposits, wear and deliver the ultimate protection and performance for your engine.

Use Valvoline's MaxLife, or DuraBlend Synthetic Blend

Valvoline's Synthetic Blend Motor Oils provide advanced protection to help extend the life of your high mileage engine or to help meet the demands of today's "tough" driving conditions.

Use Valvoline's Premium Conventional

Valvoline's Premium Conventional motor oils are formulated with premium base oils for high perfomance and an enhanced engine life.

  • Registration required. Limited Parts Covered. Other limitations apply.
  • Your vehicle may have up to 200,000 km at time of registration. Coverage begins 12 months after you register.
  • Change your oil with Valvoline motor oils every 5,000 KM and log your oil changes online.
  • If your engine fails, you are covered up to the Warranty mileage level you selected.
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